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Even in a downturn economy eCommerce is Booming! Many more customers have turned to online shopping this past Holiday season now more than ever. As we enter 2011 with rising unemployment and continued economic uncertainty, the first few months of the year will be especially critical in foretelling what Q2 and Q3 has in store for the online retail sector. To stay ahead of the curve in Internet Sales for your business you have to be innovative.

Since the beginning of November, comScore has counted four days when shoppers spent more than $800 million online, including Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving)  when consumers spent $1.028 billion, making it the heaviest spending day on record. On the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week, retailers also netted proceeds of more than $800 million, though spending trailed off at the end of the week.

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With our Marketing and SEO services you will have what it takes to succeed in today’s ever-growing market.  We will work with you to ensure your web site not only maximizes traffic but also has the best possible chance to turn that traffic into a sale.  The first step is to get customers to your site increased traffic from Organic Search Engine Results as well as traditional marketing avenues.  Let us here at TCWebAdmin help you find your specialized business niche or online store marketing strategies. We carefully plan and deploy campaigns, constantly monitor results, and conveniently deliver insightful reporting.

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With our webmaster services we can construct exactly what you need for a web presence.

  • Anything from a small one page site to a Full E-Commerce site.
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